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  1. Player - career summary
  2. Player list - X-factor
  3. Individual scores

Player - career summary<slug>[.json]

Examples: - All Freds - All Freds, returned as JSON data. - All Titmusses, but there's only one so it shows Fred Titmus - Fred Titmus - Fred Titmus

If slug matches one player only then the player's career summary is shown. This includes all the match formats he or she played international cricket in.

If slug matches more than one player then a disambiguation page is shown.

Player list - X-factor<format>/players/xfactor[.json]


format is one of test, odi or t20i

This will show the current X-factor table for the specified match format

X-factor is an arbitrary measure of the player's value as an all-rounder. The algorithm for generating the X-factor varies from format to format, reflecting the different contributions an all-rounder can make in each format.

For test matches, the X-factor supposes that an all-rounder ought to have a batting average over 30 and a bowling average under 35. Given these qualifying criteria (along with a minimum of 500 runs and 50 wickets) then the X-factor is simply the player's batting average in excess of 30, plus his or her bowling average under 35, plus the player's outfield catches per match. Simple, but effective.

For limited-overs cricket, the X-factor tries to take into account the player's rate of scoring with the bat, and economy with the ball. It contrasts two factors:

  1. runs/100 balls scored when batting minus runs/100 balls conceded when bowling
  2. balls faced per completed innings when batting minus strikerate when bowling

To reflect fielding ability, the number of outfield catches per match is added to this score.

For ODI matches there is a qualification of 500 runs (at an average over 20) and 50 wickets.

For Twenty20 internationals there is a qualification of 150 runs (at an average over 10) and 15 wickets.

Individual scores<format>/scores/individual[.json]


format is one of test, odi or t20i

This will show the list of individual scores that have been achieved in the chosen match type.

The history of highest scores that have been achieved over the history of the game are shown

The history of Lowest Unscored Score is also shown.


The API isn't currently versioned. This doesn't mean it will not change in the future. That's probably bad practice on our part. Sorry.